This must be His plan

As much as I hate the thought of leaving Ohio, my family, friends, our church, our home, I can’t help but to see God’s hand in this new adventure in our lives. Although I am nervous, sad and anxious about the move, I have peace knowing that this is what is supposed to happen in this season of my and Joe’s life. This excites me for the future and what it holds.

Let me list some of the things that have happened to direct us to Chicago… This is where I have seen God’s hand.

-I applied to graduate school to pursue my masters in speech pathology and was not accepted. This allowed us to further pursue graduate school for Joe. Although I was disappointed, I appreciate and have a clear understanding as to why this turned out the way it did.

-After visiting Trinity twice, we were convinced that this would be the best school for Joe to get the kind of education he wanted. After applying he was accepted and offered 2 scholarships.

-The two scholarships turned into one larger scholarship to our surprise!

-The apartment search was difficult and we stopped and started over many times not finding anything that met our needs- pet friendly, affordable, in a safe city and neighborhood. I called an apartment listed on an apartment search website and it was the number for a different complex that was closer to Trinity than I was expecting (7 miles). They met all of our needs and did circus tricks to make this our home. We haven’t seen our apartment, but the lady who has helped us has assured us it will be perfect!

-I recently was offered a job working as a preschool teacher after not looking as long as I expected to. This job offers benefits, pays well, and is in a field I love and feel quite comfortable.

These are only some examples that show why Joe and I feel this is where we are supposed to go. I’ll be honest, I was very unsure this was the direction we should go and I was very untrusting of Joe and of God. I was wrong to have those feelings and I am thankful we are trusting and taking these scary, but exciting steps in our life.



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