Arm Knit Scarf

Pinterest craft Friday! This is not a weekly post but hey, why not! Today during little man’s nap (little man is the 20 month old I am a nanny for) I thought I would try arm knitting a scarf. I found it here through Pinterest.

Her tutorial is good! She gives you both a front view and a view from your perspective in her video. I failed a number of times before I got t right but once I got it I was cruisin. Personally, I think I made mine a little too long- too excited I guess. I suggest using a thicker chunky wool yarn since the stitches are so big. Using a thin yarn wouldn’t look right (I tried).

Try it! Let me know how it goes! Good luck!




“Headbands Here!”

A couple weekends ago, Joe and I fought the cold and the crowd and headed down to OSU’s campus for the oh so epic OSU vs.  Michigan rivalry game. However, we did not go to watch the game. We were there to make money! And we certainly did! I crocheted scarlet and grey headbands and sold them for $20 each. It was a fun experience and we were able to earn some extra cash! Since that profitable weekend, I have received many other orders from friends wanting them for Christmas gifts or to treat themselves. It is quite flattering. Thank you to all who find my craft beautiful. It warms my heart… and it can warm YOUR ears!IMG_3025


Hallmark Card

I am itching to decorate for Christmas but Joe insists on allowing Thanksgiving to have some attention this year as the lights are already going up around out neighborhood and the radio stations are playing Christmas music.  So, I wait. But you better believe that next Friday I will have all the Christmas decorations out waiting for Joe to awake from his food coma so we can go cut down our FIRST tree together!! I cannot wait- but I will- so I craft. Here are some things I would like to make for our little home (thanks to Pinterest):

In other news- we got our chimney inspected last weekend and can now officially and safely enjoy our evenings to the sound of our crackling fireplace. It is so nice. The other night Joe and I read by the fireplace all cozy and enjoying the smells of the fire. The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate or tea. I snapped this pic of Gabby and Joe playing by the fire. Hallmark? Are you casting for a commercial?

Goals for October

1. Limit sugar and increase veggie consumption.

2. Run/workout every other day.

3. Complete my first half marathon (October 21st… eek!)

4. Host a Pumpkin Party!

5. Read for 30 minutes everyday.

6. Finish refinishing my dresser for the foyer.


That’s all for now!

Love/Hate Relationship

I begin my three-month relationship with P90X on Monday! You  may have seen infomercials about P90X. It is a collection of 13 workout DVDs all targeting different parts of your body. I am really excited to get started and see my body’s transformation over these next three months. I have read up about this exercise plan and it seems pretty difficult. But I have also seen and heard of some fabulous results. From what I understand, it is well worth the sweat, blood and tears! My goal will be not to bulk up and get huge… NOOOOO no no! I intend to get stronger, tone and burn fat. I am really excited about this! At the end of the three months, I will post pictures of my body’s transformation from day 1, 30, 60 and 90. So Check back at the end of January! Anyone have any advice? Tips? Comments? Encouragement?!

Become a FAN!

Become a Fan of CrochetedAccessories! I started a business making crocheted things- mostly flowers. They are very sweet. If you have a Facebook account I would love the support! I also have a web page on There you will find (to purchase) handmade crocheted flowers and accessories to wear in your hair, on your hand, or do whatever you want with to add a little something to your outfit. These simple but delicate flowers could be sold at outfitters like Forever 21 and Anthropology. Purchase one to add to your wardrobe! They make lovely gifts as well! (Spread the word!) Thank you!

Now on

Hey all! I am selling my sweet little flowers on! Go there to purchase my hand crafted flower accessories… more coming soon! (side note: Personal orders can be made by contacting me through Etsy or emailing me at —Thanks!)

Colors available for personal orders and that will be featured on Etsy (Red, Cream, Navy, Burgundy, Rose, Golden Rod)

FOR SALE: Crochet Flowers

*NEW PROJECT* I have been advancing and developing my crocheting skills as of late. I have been busy making and selling this sweet little flowers. Attaching them to bobby pins, safety pins, headbands, etc. It has been super fun! And to my surprise, they are becoming quite popular. I am taking orders! I have already, within the past week sold one dozen!

How much do these cute little, hand-made flowers cost?

2″ flower = $7.00

4″ flower = $12.00


#5: Crochet A Blanket

YAY! I finally finished my first blanket! It took about five months to complete, but I did it!!! It is warm and I think it turned out beautifully. I can cross it off of my 101 in 1001 list! There are a couple of other crochet projects I have on my list that I cannot wait to start.


blanket1 (2)

p.s. Happy 20 month anniversary, Shaun! I am so blessed…