An Adventurous Pup

Joe and I have been enjoying our pup so much as she is getting bigger, learning tricks and getting better at obedience. We recently went to the vet and learned that she is a Boston Terrier/Lab mix. Originally we were told she was part Australian Shepard… which may be the case still if mom or dad had some Aussie in him/her. Well, whatever she is, she is sweet, fun, athletic, and adventurous.

The three of us went on a run to the nearby park/woods last week (apparently during a Sandy wind advisory) to have some fun and get some exercise. We ran along the creek and decided we wanted to explore the other side. We had to cross. Looking for a place to cross the higher than normal waters we found a fallen tree. The tree was about 6 feet above the water and the creek is wide! Brave Joe decided he would test it out then I could come across and Gabby- well she could find a way (I think Joe was thinking he would come back after the test run to get her). Joe walks across effortlessly and about halfway across Gabby follows him! I’m freaking out yelling to Joe “Gabby is RIGHT behind you! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Joe. She is RIGHT behind you!” Joe keeps going as not to loose either of their momentum. He gets to the end, sits on the branch and scoops up Gabby. PHEW! I don’t think I breathed during any of that. Joe and Gabby are safe. Oh now I have to cross. I cross the creek on the slippery, wet fallen tree trunk. Joe and I laughed at how scary and awesome that was! Followed by “I don’t ever want to do that ever again!”

We continued on our adventure and made it home safe and before the storm came. We are excited to go on many more adventures with our pup… no more walking across moving waters on slippery tree trunks 6 feet above the water!


Pumpkin Patch Fun

Highlights from today:

1. Pumpkin patch and picking out my pumpkin!

2. Hay ride

3. Sun flower maze

4. Corn maze

5. Pumpkin doughnut (cheat on the “limiting sugar” goal… couldn’t resist)

6. Dinner with my sweet grandparents

7. Spending the day with my hubs!

I Jumped!

OSU vs. M!c#!g@n week is always crazy here in Columbus. For the past four years I have been away at school during this time. This year, however, I have been in the heart of the excitement! For the first time, I participated in the crazy tradition of jumping into Mirror Lake with thousand of OSU fans! It was amazing! Walking there you could hear the crowd roar. It was about 30 degrees and people were running around half naked (some 5/6ths naked) and wet. Some dressed in costumes. Most had been drinking some “juice”… the atmosphere was awesome! It is all about the tradition of the jump.

I went with Joe and a few of his house  mates… here are some pictures Chris took. Go Bucks! Beat M!c#!g@n!!

Update on my crazy, beautiful life…

Hello beautiful people! I thought I would write a quick update on what has been happening in my life these past few months. First off, I would like to say that I am really happy! The Lord has been working in my life and blessing me with so many things it is incredible.

I graduated a month ago from BGSU. Wow, does it feel great to be done and have a degree (a degree I can’t do anything with until I go to graduate school, but a degree, nonetheless!). The Lord has called me to do full-time Christian ministry this next year. God has done so much in my life that I can’t help but give at least one year to fully serve Him in full-time ministry. Cru has been so influential in my life that it makes sense to me to serve with this movement at BGSU. Right now I am raising support. Check out my blog I have made for my Cru internship at We will see where the Lord leads me from there… Another year of interning with Cru? Graduate school? Ministry overseas? More school to get my teaching license? Become a bum? Who knows… God does!! I am excited to see where He takes me!

Since I have graduated, I have been spending a lot of time with this man you have seen pictures of and heard a little bit about. Joe! Well, I should tell you that I am quite happy! We have been very active, going on adventures and trying to stay out of trouble. From climbing on various rooftops of buildings, to walking behind waterfalls, to swimming in rivers, to making up games while waiting on laundry to finish; we have had a wonderful time together. Well, for the next four weeks Joe will be in Canada on a Summer Project with Crusade as a staff intern. He will be mentoring other men and helping the staff with various things. I am very excited for him and know that he will do a wonderful job! While he is gone, we will be sending each other letters and keeping in touch that way. But I have a feeling the time will go by very quickly!

Anyways, our relationship couldn’t be more fun than it is right now! We have a solid foundation to our relationship which is Christ and continue to seek Him and serve Him both individually and together. I am excited to see where our relationship goes and how God plans to use us for His Kingdom. The Lord has blessed me with Joe in more ways than I know… Well I will stop gushing before you all puke your brains out. So there! You have officially met Joe! I am excited to share more of our adventures with you all!

Bridge Adventure

Joe and I (yep, my boyfriend!) got to hang out this weekend which was a surprise to both of us! Joe is in Columbus, so we are doing the distance thing until I am able to come home this summer after I graduate (only 2.5 weeks away!). I was at a conference with Campus Crusade this weekend in Indiana and got a ride back to Columbus to hangout with Joe for a few hours then he took me back to BG. In those few hours we were able to have a crazy adventure! We walked along the underbelly (lol, Joe!) of a bridge that stretches over the Scioto River in Dublin. I was one of the craziest things I have ever done, but there are many more adventures to be had with Joe! (More on Joe soon!). Enjoy!