Pumpkin Patch Fun

Highlights from today:

1. Pumpkin patch and picking out my pumpkin!

2. Hay ride

3. Sun flower maze

4. Corn maze

5. Pumpkin doughnut (cheat on the “limiting sugar” goal… couldn’t resist)

6. Dinner with my sweet grandparents

7. Spending the day with my hubs!


At Home Dinner Date

After a long weekend of not seeing much of each other due to our work schedules, we were due for a much needed date night… AT HOME! We had a great time. We grilled our own salmon (first timers over here) and asparagus. We also cuddled up to watch some episodes of one of our favorite television shows, Parenthood. T’was a good night!

Here is a little dialogue from the evening…
After dinner with plans to watch episodes of Parenthood (and knowing Joe passes out with the littlest amount of alcohol in him)…

Me: Are you drunk? Because if you are you are totally going to ruin my night!?

Joe: I don’t know but I feel like I’m constantly going down a slide right now! WEEEEE!!!