This must be His plan

As much as I hate the thought of leaving Ohio, my family, friends, our church, our home, I can’t help but to see God’s hand in this new adventure in our lives. Although I am nervous, sad and anxious about the move, I have peace knowing that this is what is supposed to happen in this season of my and Joe’s life. This excites me for the future and what it holds.

Let me list some of the things that have happened to direct us to Chicago… This is where I have seen God’s hand.

-I applied to graduate school to pursue my masters in speech pathology and was not accepted. This allowed us to further pursue graduate school for Joe. Although I was disappointed, I appreciate and have a clear understanding as to why this turned out the way it did.

-After visiting Trinity twice, we were convinced that this would be the best school for Joe to get the kind of education he wanted. After applying he was accepted and offered 2 scholarships.

-The two scholarships turned into one larger scholarship to our surprise!

-The apartment search was difficult and we stopped and started over many times not finding anything that met our needs- pet friendly, affordable, in a safe city and neighborhood. I called an apartment listed on an apartment search website and it was the number for a different complex that was closer to Trinity than I was expecting (7 miles). They met all of our needs and did circus tricks to make this our home. We haven’t seen our apartment, but the lady who has helped us has assured us it will be perfect!

-I recently was offered a job working as a preschool teacher after not looking as long as I expected to. This job offers benefits, pays well, and is in a field I love and feel quite comfortable.

These are only some examples that show why Joe and I feel this is where we are supposed to go. I’ll be honest, I was very unsure this was the direction we should go and I was very untrusting of Joe and of God. I was wrong to have those feelings and I am thankful we are trusting and taking these scary, but exciting steps in our life.



Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

Need a sweet snack? Try these yummy and simple banana chocolate chip cookies with no added sugar.

•1 banana smashed
•1 cup of rolled oats
•1 egg white
•1 tsp baking powder
•1 tsp vanilla
•Chocolate chips (I used about 1/4 mini semi sweet chips)

Set oven at 350. Grease a cookie sheet and scoop a spoonful onto the sheet. Bake for 10-12 mins. Makes about 10-12 cookies

35-40 calories per cookie.

I have seen a lot of healthy cookie recipes using bananas on Pinterest, but this one was easy and tastes great! I found this recipe on a friend’s Facebook page.



Yummy and Healthy Egg Salad

Today I was in the mood for egg salad… which never happens. Egg salad, made the traditional way can be full of unhealthy fat and unwanted calories (upwards of 800 calories per cup). So I thought I would try to make my own using healthy ingredients. Here is what I did.

•Scramble 2-3 egg whites (or use the egg whites of 2-3 hard boiled eggs)
•Smash half of an avocado
•Dash of salt and pepper
•One slice of Ezekiel bread

I mixed the cooked egg whites, smashed avocado, and slat and pepper together until the eggs are well covered. Let it cool in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes. Toast your bread. Serve cooled egg salad on top of your toasted bread. SO GOOD!

This large serving of Egg Salad was only 255 calories!

14 grams of healthy fat

23 grams of carbs, 9 grams of them being fiber

16 grams of protein

ENJOY! (My first of hopefully many healthy recipe posts!)


Arm Knit Scarf

Pinterest craft Friday! This is not a weekly post but hey, why not! Today during little man’s nap (little man is the 20 month old I am a nanny for) I thought I would try arm knitting a scarf. I found it here through Pinterest.

Her tutorial is good! She gives you both a front view and a view from your perspective in her video. I failed a number of times before I got t right but once I got it I was cruisin. Personally, I think I made mine a little too long- too excited I guess. I suggest using a thicker chunky wool yarn since the stitches are so big. Using a thin yarn wouldn’t look right (I tried).

Try it! Let me know how it goes! Good luck!



taking a giant leap

hello friends.

I have been working very hard the past couple weeks to gather and complete graduate school applications for speech pathology. The deadline I have made for myself is Thursday evening (the applications are due while we are on vacation). This is a giant leap of faith for me. I am hoping and praying that I get accepted to one of these schools so I can move forward in my speech path career and help support my family. If you are the praying kind, would you please include me and my husband in your prayers? We would appreciate it!


“Headbands Here!”

A couple weekends ago, Joe and I fought the cold and the crowd and headed down to OSU’s campus for the oh so epic OSU vs.  Michigan rivalry game. However, we did not go to watch the game. We were there to make money! And we certainly did! I crocheted scarlet and grey headbands and sold them for $20 each. It was a fun experience and we were able to earn some extra cash! Since that profitable weekend, I have received many other orders from friends wanting them for Christmas gifts or to treat themselves. It is quite flattering. Thank you to all who find my craft beautiful. It warms my heart… and it can warm YOUR ears!IMG_3025


New Traditions

Joe and I are very excited to carry on traditions from our families as well as make a few of our own! Traditions have special meaning to us and are ways beautiful memories can be made. Here is one:

We have decided to make cutting down our own Christmas tree a tradition we do the day after Thanksgiving. I remember going with my family when I was little to pick out the perfect tree. One year we brought home a field mouse. That little guy held on tight as we drove home with the tree strapped to the roof of the mini van! Traditions. Memories. Joe, Gabby, and I (as well as the little boy I nanny for) found our perfect tree. With a manly ax (a saw is usually used…) and mustache, Joe copped away! Soon we would be on our way home to put up this sucker!20121124-232556.jpg


After some finagling, the tree was set in its stand! We decorated it the next day with ornaments I had bought last year the week after Christmas (cheap!!)

Anyhow, I am overjoyed thinking about the traditions Joe and I will be making for us and our (future) family. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a blessed month before Christmas!


Hallmark Card

I am itching to decorate for Christmas but Joe insists on allowing Thanksgiving to have some attention this year as the lights are already going up around out neighborhood and the radio stations are playing Christmas music.  So, I wait. But you better believe that next Friday I will have all the Christmas decorations out waiting for Joe to awake from his food coma so we can go cut down our FIRST tree together!! I cannot wait- but I will- so I craft. Here are some things I would like to make for our little home (thanks to Pinterest):

In other news- we got our chimney inspected last weekend and can now officially and safely enjoy our evenings to the sound of our crackling fireplace. It is so nice. The other night Joe and I read by the fireplace all cozy and enjoying the smells of the fire. The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate or tea. I snapped this pic of Gabby and Joe playing by the fire. Hallmark? Are you casting for a commercial?

Trip to Chitown

Our trip to Chicago this weekend was informative, relaxing and enjoyable. Joe and I made the 7 hour drive Saturday morning with the agenda to eat Chicago style pizza, load up on Garrett Popcorn, and visit the campus of Trinity Divinity School. The pizza was large, the popcorn was addicting, and the campus visit was packed with helpful information. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip! We even befriended a couple looking to go to the seminary as well. That was exciting!

We left Chicago excited and ready to start figuring out how and when we will be able to relocate so Joe can start his program there. We are prayerfully trying to figure that out now. Prayers that the Lord would lead us on how to afford seminary and when to go would be much appreciated.