baby, it’s cold outside

crackling fires

pine smells

Christmas music


cold nights

cozy socks

twinkling lights





New Traditions

Joe and I are very excited to carry on traditions from our families as well as make a few of our own! Traditions have special meaning to us and are ways beautiful memories can be made. Here is one:

We have decided to make cutting down our own Christmas tree a tradition we do the day after Thanksgiving. I remember going with my family when I was little to pick out the perfect tree. One year we brought home a field mouse. That little guy held on tight as we drove home with the tree strapped to the roof of the mini van! Traditions. Memories. Joe, Gabby, and I (as well as the little boy I nanny for) found our perfect tree. With a manly ax (a saw is usually used…) and mustache, Joe copped away! Soon we would be on our way home to put up this sucker!20121124-232556.jpg


After some finagling, the tree was set in its stand! We decorated it the next day with ornaments I had bought last year the week after Christmas (cheap!!)

Anyhow, I am overjoyed thinking about the traditions Joe and I will be making for us and our (future) family. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a blessed month before Christmas!


Hallmark Card

I am itching to decorate for Christmas but Joe insists on allowing Thanksgiving to have some attention this year as the lights are already going up around out neighborhood and the radio stations are playing Christmas music.  So, I wait. But you better believe that next Friday I will have all the Christmas decorations out waiting for Joe to awake from his food coma so we can go cut down our FIRST tree together!! I cannot wait- but I will- so I craft. Here are some things I would like to make for our little home (thanks to Pinterest):

In other news- we got our chimney inspected last weekend and can now officially and safely enjoy our evenings to the sound of our crackling fireplace. It is so nice. The other night Joe and I read by the fireplace all cozy and enjoying the smells of the fire. The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate or tea. I snapped this pic of Gabby and Joe playing by the fire. Hallmark? Are you casting for a commercial?

Trip to Chitown

Our trip to Chicago this weekend was informative, relaxing and enjoyable. Joe and I made the 7 hour drive Saturday morning with the agenda to eat Chicago style pizza, load up on Garrett Popcorn, and visit the campus of Trinity Divinity School. The pizza was large, the popcorn was addicting, and the campus visit was packed with helpful information. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip! We even befriended a couple looking to go to the seminary as well. That was exciting!

We left Chicago excited and ready to start figuring out how and when we will be able to relocate so Joe can start his program there. We are prayerfully trying to figure that out now. Prayers that the Lord would lead us on how to afford seminary and when to go would be much appreciated.

An Adventurous Pup

Joe and I have been enjoying our pup so much as she is getting bigger, learning tricks and getting better at obedience. We recently went to the vet and learned that she is a Boston Terrier/Lab mix. Originally we were told she was part Australian Shepard… which may be the case still if mom or dad had some Aussie in him/her. Well, whatever she is, she is sweet, fun, athletic, and adventurous.

The three of us went on a run to the nearby park/woods last week (apparently during a Sandy wind advisory) to have some fun and get some exercise. We ran along the creek and decided we wanted to explore the other side. We had to cross. Looking for a place to cross the higher than normal waters we found a fallen tree. The tree was about 6 feet above the water and the creek is wide! Brave Joe decided he would test it out then I could come across and Gabby- well she could find a way (I think Joe was thinking he would come back after the test run to get her). Joe walks across effortlessly and about halfway across Gabby follows him! I’m freaking out yelling to Joe “Gabby is RIGHT behind you! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Joe. She is RIGHT behind you!” Joe keeps going as not to loose either of their momentum. He gets to the end, sits on the branch and scoops up Gabby. PHEW! I don’t think I breathed during any of that. Joe and Gabby are safe. Oh now I have to cross. I cross the creek on the slippery, wet fallen tree trunk. Joe and I laughed at how scary and awesome that was! Followed by “I don’t ever want to do that ever again!”

We continued on our adventure and made it home safe and before the storm came. We are excited to go on many more adventures with our pup… no more walking across moving waters on slippery tree trunks 6 feet above the water!

Sharp Dressed Man

Joe got all dressed up on Thursday for an interview (and looked quite handsome, I must add) and got the job on Friday. We are both over the moon excited about this! Joe’s ultimate dream and goal is to become a professor of Christian History. To get there, there is a long road we must go down in order to achieve that dream. To get the degree he wants he must get a Masters and Doctorate. That’s pretty much every bit of six years of school. So right now we are working to save money for that big dream (and for other dreams as well, of course).

After Joe graduated he got a job working for a moving company. He has done a great job there but the hours are terrible (meaning I never see him) and it is very labor intensive. He has been looking for a new job for quite some time now and thankfully got one just yesterday! The pay is better, but even more importantly, the hours are predictable and consistent. We will be able to see one another more as well as friends and family we don’t get to see very much because of Joe’s crazy previous schedule.

I am so proud of my man. He is working so hard for the future of our family. Giddy to call him my husband. (Sorry, had to gush there!)

Happy October!

Fall is undeniably my husband’s and my FAVORITE season! Although it is the start of the winter blues, the warm colors, the crisp morning air, the “Fall Smell”, and pumpkins everywhere just make my heart smile! Oh! And FOOTBALL!!! Well, I love football… Joe is not as into it as I am.

Later this month (and quite possibly may be a top reason as to why I am so excited about October) Joe and I are hosting a Pumpkin Party! What better way to celebrate the beautiful season than to enjoy a party in the peak of Fall with copious amounts of pumpkins in every possible form? Pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin decorations, pumpkin scents, pumpkin carving, pumpkin EVERYTHING! We are very excited… can you tell. We even made a photo advertisement for our party… haha. Oh how I love us!


Should I get back into blogging…?

Joe and I have been talking a lot about writing “Our Story.” Joe has begun writing a pile of short stories about his childhood with his two older brothers. They have so many memories together that Joe thought, “I don’t want to forget these. Guys let’s write them down for us to keep forever!” They have started their “Huddle Book of Memoirs” (I don’t know what they will call it) but I think it is a great idea. Joe and I also plan to write down the memories from our own story. We have already started… sort of. We have “Adventures” from our dating years written down and some of you were patient enough to read the 20 page proposal story Joe wrote and then posted on my blog. He is very talented! Don’t you think?!

Well, I would like to get back into blogging… As Joe and I grow together, make career changes, add to our family, and all the things the wonderful walk of life as a married couple brings (and maybe not so wonderful- let’s be real lol) I would like to have a place to share them.

Perhaps I should post a little timeline of events that have happened this year:

September 3rd, 2011


September 4th-June 29th

Lots and Lots of PLANNING!


Closed on our house.

Joe and I are renting from my parents for now. It is a great set up! We feel blessed beyond words. We have a “Special Family Discount” on the rent plus our sweet little house is in a great neighborhood! It has four bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen, living room, fireplace, all new cabinets and appliances… more than we ever thought we would have our first year of marriage. My best friend and now sister-in-law, Kristin lived with me until Joe moved in after the wedding. We love our home!

June 1oth

Joe and Kristin Graduated

June 30th, 2012


It was a FABULOUS day! One that we… well, no one…. will ever forget! The day we said “I do” was the day after a monstrous, out of nowhere storm swept through Columbus tearing down power lines across the city. Our rehearsal dinner was a five minute drive from the church turned into an one hour drive with all of the traffic lights out. Luckily, our restaurant had power (the only one in the area… we are one lucky couple.) I was nervous on my wedding eve. Nervous we wouldn’t have power at the church, reception site, my hair stylist wouldn’t know where to go (we had to find a house to get ready at that HAD power), that people wouldn’t come to the wedding, etc. I shouldn’t have worried because the day was perfect; it never rained, the power was on, hair stylist was on time and at the correct location, and I saw my handsome  groom look back at me as I walked down the aisle to him! It was perfect!

July 1st- 4th

Honeymoon- Gatlinburg, TN

We had so much fun! One of the fun things we did was go zip lining through the Smokey Mountains!

July 17th

My 25th Birthday

Joe used his tip money and got me a new straightener to help style  my new do. He is sweet.  (Oh yes, I chopped of my hair July 6th- less than a week after the wedding. I miss my long hair, but i was ready for a change.)

August 23rd-26th

Visit to Sam and Kristin in NC

We had not seen them in over a month! We missed them… and still miss them all the time. It was a great visit. We went out to dinner, saw the US North Carolina battleship, got a tour of Sam’s Marine base, went to the beach, ordered the biggest pizza I have ever seen, watched Futurama, and were just a couple of Bubs.

August 27th

Got a sweet puppy!

Her name is Gabby! She is a Chocolate Lab/Australian Shepherd mix. We got her from a humane society. She is sweet and smart. We love her and are so happy we made the decision to get her.

September 21st

Joe’s 22nd Birthday

Joe’s birthday was focused around… food. If you ask him, he had a yummy day! Full of his favorites; cinnamon roll waffles, mac ‘n cheese, pizza, pizookie and more carbs than anyone watching what they eat doesn’t want to hear. (This is NOT how he normally eats. It was a special day.) I got him the 14th season of the Simpsons and some new stylish clothes.

(picture to come)

Holiday Hangover

Its about time for an update….

The holidays have left me totally exhausted! However, a lot of it has to do with my real big-girl job (which I have yet to write about) and snot congested, bronchitis hacking, disgusting sickness I have had for MONTHS now. I have been to the doctor three times and on five antibiotics and two packs of Mucinex DM in the past two months. I was just given my fourth and fifth antibiotic Monday. Thankfully, I finally feel like I am getting better.

This transitions nicely into talking a little bit about my new job… Preschool/Kindergarten teacher at a private school/daycare in my home town! It is a lot of fun but challenging, a bit stressful, and I am completely exhausted and ready to go to bed by the end of the day; 5:30. But the kids make it all worth it. There are some crazy ones, rowdy ones, sweet ones, shy ones, affectionate ones, messy ones… but in my month of being there I have come to realize and accept that they are all just kids. Precious children. Children that God created with great creativity and design. This truth makes me look at all of them, even the stubborn ones differently. I am so blessed to have been hired for this job. It is a lot of work, but now have a paycheck and more than $4 in my checking account.

Christmas- Christmas was a great time spent with family. The big gift my brothers and I got was a pool table. I have been beating everyone… I surprised myself! Christmas meant so much more to me this year than any other year. I think that shows the spiritual growth I experienced this year. Recognizing Jesus’ birth as the greatest gift of all. The gift of SALVATION! Praise God!

New Years- Not only was this a celebration of a new year, but it also marked the one year anniversary of mine and Joe’s meeting. We met last year at a conference Crusade puts on, IndyCC. I had to work during the conference this year but i was able to make it for the New Year’s Eve celebration. “Get Your NE-ON” was the theme and it was a blast! The dance party was followed by praying in the New Year and an extended time of worship. (The picture below isn’t the best, but Joe and I are on the right. I found this picture on the IndyCC facebook page!)

2010 was probably the best year for me so far in my short 23 years. I experienced a lot of change; I fell in love, graduated from college, moved back home, was completely broke, got a job, and grew in my faith through many highs and lows. I can only imagine how FANTASTIC 2011 will be! I can’t wait to see what the Lord does this year!