New Traditions

Joe and I are very excited to carry on traditions from our families as well as make a few of our own! Traditions have special meaning to us and are ways beautiful memories can be made. Here is one:

We have decided to make cutting down our own Christmas tree a tradition we do the day after Thanksgiving. I remember going with my family when I was little to pick out the perfect tree. One year we brought home a field mouse. That little guy held on tight as we drove home with the tree strapped to the roof of the mini van! Traditions. Memories. Joe, Gabby, and I (as well as the little boy I nanny for) found our perfect tree. With a manly ax (a saw is usually used…) and mustache, Joe copped away! Soon we would be on our way home to put up this sucker!20121124-232556.jpg


After some finagling, the tree was set in its stand! We decorated it the next day with ornaments I had bought last year the week after Christmas (cheap!!)

Anyhow, I am overjoyed thinking about the traditions Joe and I will be making for us and our (future) family. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a blessed month before Christmas!



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