Hallmark Card

I am itching to decorate for Christmas but Joe insists on allowing Thanksgiving to have some attention this year as the lights are already going up around out neighborhood and the radio stations are playing Christmas music.  So, I wait. But you better believe that next Friday I will have all the Christmas decorations out waiting for Joe to awake from his food coma so we can go cut down our FIRST tree together!! I cannot wait- but I will- so I craft. Here are some things I would like to make for our little home (thanks to Pinterest):

In other news- we got our chimney inspected last weekend and can now officially and safely enjoy our evenings to the sound of our crackling fireplace. It is so nice. The other night Joe and I read by the fireplace all cozy and enjoying the smells of the fire. The only thing missing was a cup of hot chocolate or tea. I snapped this pic of Gabby and Joe playing by the fire. Hallmark? Are you casting for a commercial?


One thought on “Hallmark Card

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