An Adventurous Pup

Joe and I have been enjoying our pup so much as she is getting bigger, learning tricks and getting better at obedience. We recently went to the vet and learned that she is a Boston Terrier/Lab mix. Originally we were told she was part Australian Shepard… which may be the case still if mom or dad had some Aussie in him/her. Well, whatever she is, she is sweet, fun, athletic, and adventurous.

The three of us went on a run to the nearby park/woods last week (apparently during a Sandy wind advisory) to have some fun and get some exercise. We ran along the creek and decided we wanted to explore the other side. We had to cross. Looking for a place to cross the higher than normal waters we found a fallen tree. The tree was about 6 feet above the water and the creek is wide! Brave Joe decided he would test it out then I could come across and Gabby- well she could find a way (I think Joe was thinking he would come back after the test run to get her). Joe walks across effortlessly and about halfway across Gabby follows him! I’m freaking out yelling to Joe “Gabby is RIGHT behind you! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Joe. She is RIGHT behind you!” Joe keeps going as not to loose either of their momentum. He gets to the end, sits on the branch and scoops up Gabby. PHEW! I don’t think I breathed during any of that. Joe and Gabby are safe. Oh now I have to cross. I cross the creek on the slippery, wet fallen tree trunk. Joe and I laughed at how scary and awesome that was! Followed by “I don’t ever want to do that ever again!”

We continued on our adventure and made it home safe and before the storm came. We are excited to go on many more adventures with our pup… no more walking across moving waters on slippery tree trunks 6 feet above the water!

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