Sharp Dressed Man

Joe got all dressed up on Thursday for an interview (and looked quite handsome, I must add) and got the job on Friday. We are both over the moon excited about this! Joe’s ultimate dream and goal is to become a professor of Christian History. To get there, there is a long road we must go down in order to achieve that dream. To get the degree he wants he must get a Masters and Doctorate. That’s pretty much every bit of six years of school. So right now we are working to save money for that big dream (and for other dreams as well, of course).

After Joe graduated he got a job working for a moving company. He has done a great job there but the hours are terrible (meaning I never see him) and it is very labor intensive. He has been looking for a new job for quite some time now and thankfully got one just yesterday! The pay is better, but even more importantly, the hours are predictable and consistent. We will be able to see one another more as well as friends and family we don’t get to see very much because of Joe’s crazy previous schedule.

I am so proud of my man. He is working so hard for the future of our family. Giddy to call him my husband. (Sorry, had to gush there!)


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