Forgive me for neglecting my blog…

Forgive me for neglecting my blog… I don’t have a whole lot to say these days. I haven’t felt the need to blog or write about anything. If there is anyone out there who checks in on me every now and then, no worries, I am alive. Just not really feeling the “blog world” these days.

The most exciting thing that has happened in the time that I have been away is Joe’s and mine one year anniversary. One year! Woo! It really has been the best year of my life. We celebrated with a lovely dinner and recapped our year talking about our first dates and adventures. We visited a railroad track (they hold a special place in our hearts) where Joe read me a poem he wrote. We walked back to the car where he gave me a safe. Like a fireproof, locked, can-only-be-opened-with-a-key safe. The instructions were, “you can open it when I tell you you can.” “So, how long do I have to wait?” “I’m not going to answer that.” AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Well, whatever is in there, I can’t wait for the day when I get to open it. Because frankly, it’s going to drive me crazy until then.

Well, hopefully it won’t be another two months until I write again… but who knows. Lol!


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