This seems familiar…

Once again, I have come to a point in my life where I do not know which path I should take. Where does God want me? Where can He use me?

It is funny to me, looking back at this time last year I was applying to twelve grad schools, hoping and praying I would get into just one. I chose to apply to intern with Campus Crusade for Christ as my “back up” plan. I ended up doing neither of those.

God brought me back to Columbus to live with my family and allow me to volunteer with OSU’s movement, RealLife. I am very happy the way this year has turned out. I am serving the Lord and He is teaching me so much about Himself.

But here I am again… WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? This question seems all too familiar…

Last night, RealLife held a “Partnership Dessert” to give students information about our partnerships with Venezuela and Slovenia and how they could be a part of it too by going on spring break, Summer Project, or STINT (Short Term International). I went to learn more about what OSU is doing in these countries since I am a part of the staff team. I learned a lot! However, what was supposed to be an informational session for me, turned into a yearning to go and be a part of what is happening in one of these countries. Specifically Slovenia.

I have obviously had the desire for full-time ministry this past year and a half. I have also had my heart strings pulled for overseas missions. But, a year?! In another country?! Away from family and friends? Raise support for a second time? But, I didn’t even raise enough to intern in the US… in Ohio… in Bowling Green, Ohio. Could God really be wanting me to step out in faith and trust that He will provide a way for me to live in Slovenia for a year? Trusting that His plan for me is good and He will be with me wherever I go?

So currently, I am praying about this possible path the Lord is leading me down. The Lord will make His plan known to me in the right time. I have many fears, questions, concerns about this… but I will continue to seek Him in this, be open to the plans He has for me, and share with others my desires.


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