Love/Hate Relationship

I begin my three-month relationship with P90X on Monday! You  may have seen infomercials about P90X. It is a collection of 13 workout DVDs all targeting different parts of your body. I am really excited to get started and see my body’s transformation over these next three months. I have read up about this exercise plan and it seems pretty difficult. But I have also seen and heard of some fabulous results. From what I understand, it is well worth the sweat, blood and tears! My goal will be not to bulk up and get huge… NOOOOO no no! I intend to get stronger, tone and burn fat. I am really excited about this! At the end of the three months, I will post pictures of my body’s transformation from day 1, 30, 60 and 90. So Check back at the end of January! Anyone have any advice? Tips? Comments? Encouragement?!

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