Joe’s Birthday Rap from Me!

Now, I think we will all agree,

That you are much better at these than me.

But I hope you get a laugh,

You greasy, hunk-and-a-half,

At my sad attempt at this rap.

(Stay awake, DON’T TAKE A NAP!) :-/

I could write a book,

On all of the adventures that we’ve took.

I cannot wait to see,

What others are in store for me!

I have learned so much from you,

Trust me, it is true.

There are way too many things to list.

Plus, they would have to rhyme and make me pissed!

But seriously, you are so great!

I cannot wait for our date!

Yay! You are (finally) 20!

Now only 3 years younger than me!

Yeah yeah, call me a cougar if you wish,

Let’s just tell everyone I’m 20ish.

This may have been lame,

But maybe you are to blame!!

You set the bar too high.

Well, it was worth a try!



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