I have had this post saved in my “Drafts” folder since I graduated in May. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to post it… maybe with the emotions graduation brought I wasn’t ready to say “Goodbye” to college and “Hello” to the real world. Well, I have faced reality and have decided to write a little reflecting on my four years at Bowling Green State University.

My time at BG began the summer before when I met my random roommate who happened to live 20 minutes away from me. Kristin “Pumpkin” Norris. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate! We got along perfectly and are still very close friends to this day. (We are both currently dating brothers! So fun!)

Freshman year was an exciting time for me. I was living “on my own” and was an “independent” college student! Silly me. This was a time when I started exploring Jesus and His meaning in my life. After recently accepting Jesus in my life at Young Life camp the previous summer, I was looking for a community to get involved in where I could meet others like me and learn more about my Creator. I explored Young Life, H2O, and Cru. I felt most at home with Cru. I quickly got involved in Bible study, the weekly meeting, and joined the leadership team.  God was intervening in my life and showing Himself to me. I however, was busy exploring my “independence” and “freedom.” The Lord patiently waited for me to surrender.

After two years of sort of following Jesus, a broken relationship, and many other experience, I decided to make Jesus Lord of my life and completely surrender to Him! I became a resident advisor in one of the dorms and decided that I wanted to do it all for Him. This brings me to where I am currently… Doing my best to follow the Lord where He leads me. He has led me through the doors He has opened and steered me away from doors He has shut. I am so thankful for those four years at Bowling Green. They completely changed my life and started shaping me from the little girl I was into the woman I am becoming.

I give all the glory to Jesus, but He placed people in my life to help me along the way showing me more of Himself.  I couldn’t be more thankful for them! There is a lot of details left out in this reflection… but trust me when I say I experienced, learned, grew, and had so much fun these past four years!

I love where I am in life right now. Lots of love, adventure, and excitement! I am excited to follow the Lord and see where He leads me!

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