Letter to my supporters

[I wanted to share this will all of you who follow my blog and have followed my journey with support raising. Thank you all, so much for your support and encouragement.]

Dear Supporters, Friends, and Family,

Thank you all so much for supporting me in my efforts to work full-time for Campus Crusade for Christ at Bowling Green State University. I received generous donations, powerful encouragement and countless prayers meeting with you all. It was a long, challenging summer raising support and I have learned so much in the process about our wonderful, beautiful Lord. I am thankful for so much and have a great deal to praise.

I am writing to inform you that I was unable to raise the amount of support I needed to be an intern with Crusade. It is a difficult realization, but I am seeking a new direction and residing in Columbus for now. Although the Lord has closed doors to do ministry in Bowling Green, I have been given opportunities to serve in my church and with Ohio State University’s Crusade as a volunteer. My situation is difficult for me to understand, but I am at peace with it and know that the Lord has a wonderful plan for me.

I will be utilizing the funds that I have already received to continue my ministry with the Ohio State University Crusade. Thank you to those who have promised to contribute on a monthly basis. However, I will not need monthly contributions for what I will be doing. Please discontinue your giving as those funds will no longer be available to me. If you have set up to give directly from your bank account or a credit card, you will need to log on to your donor account and cancel your giving or it will continue to take the monthly commitment as a contribution to the general work of Campus Crusade. You may access your account by logging onto http://www.give.ccci.org.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement this summer. I will continue to seek the Lord for direction on where He needs me. I ask that you remain open to supporting me in the future if I decide to pursue working full-time with this ministry again.


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