Birthday rap from Joe

Move aside, monotomous comments,
watch, weep, and lament,
for this does justice to the birthday girl
today is the day and this is her world! (not really, but you know)
…Make way for dis girl, y’all!
Those with hair and those that are bald,
Turn your head to see
The beautiful kay-lee!
Yeah she got it all
but she hates shoppin malls
Ive seen her clobber guys
monsterous ones twice her size
Nobody gets past her vigilant eyes
Even the weak, who are hopelessly lost
she lifts them up at her own cost.
You cannot walk past her without cheer
Her joyfullness isn’t produced by beer
No, her life comes from the King,
the one she loves worshipping
His love is unparalleled,
Her life He has held,
And now she is ready
stronger and steady
to invest into lives
to make them thrive
In her is so much joy,
don’t believe it? Just ask this boy,
she lives by the spirit..abundantly, too
never a dull day, hey, how bout you? What can you say? Do you have this?
Don’t worry, just ask her, she’ll give you a list
of things that have changed since God walked in
then she’ll tell you about the Lord
…and how if you live with Him you won’t be bored.
Yeah, she’s a stud, don’t get me wrong,
She’s like a spiritual King Kong
throwin barrels of Gospel
at the lost people
all out of love
spurred from above.
So watch out for kaylee, she’ll knock you dead
to yourself so you can live ahead
Her love is inescapable, don’t try to run
she’ll tackle you and tickle you until you have fun.
I’ve never seen a woman like this,
who clenches her bible instead of her fists.
Just hang out with her and you’ll see, she is solid, wise, and pretty as can be

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