WHGBSTYL: Summer 2010

WHGBSTYL= What Has God Been Saying To You Lately… for those of you who may not know what those letters stand for. “What has God been saying to you lately?” is a question my Sunday school teacher would ask me from time to time. Now it is a question I like to ask others and myself.

Summer 2010… it has been kind of rough, but in a good way. The Lord has called me to join the Campus Crusade for Christ staff team in Bowling Green in the fall, so this summer I have been at home in Columbus raising support. It has been challenging. Raising support is a difficult task that has tested me emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. But the Lord has been showing me His faithfulness and strengthening my faith in Him. He has been really sweet to me.

Part of me is feeling “left out” this summer. I see my friends going on Summer Project (Campus Crusade for Christ summer mission trip) experiencing new things, growing exponentially in their faith, sharing the Gospel, and having awesome stories to share. I have never been on a Summer Project and I do not get to experience anything quite like that this summer. I can’t escape the normal everyday kind of life. The Lord has called me to something different this summer. He has called me to be at home and raise a support team so that I can help people come to know Him and make a difference for Eternity. It is such a hard task, but He has called me to do it. And I will with complete faith in Him! He has also called me to be here with my family to help them through a difficult time. To council them and have them witness my dependency on God so that they might depend on Him and give everything to Him. The Lord has blessed me so much. I cannot even imagine what else He has in store for me this summer.

I am praying for the people on Summer Project. I am praying that lives will be changed! Hearts changed. Temptations, struggles, and sin be laid at the foot of the cross. I pray for the people who will hear the Gospel for the first time. Let it overcome them and move their heart. I pray for the staff that they have the energy and the knowledge to disciple the students. And that the students would see examples of Christ-centered laborers in them. I am so excited for all of those on Summer Project! I cannot wait to hear all of their stories!

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