It is beginning to hit me…

Tonight I am in tears… This semester has been the up there as one of the most stressful semesters ever. It has hindered the reality of what this year really is… my last year as a student at Bowling Green State University. Honestly, it is not the university or the city of Bowling Green, it is the people who I have grown to love dearly. The relationships I have made I am sure are like none out there. What I will remember is not the lectures, the grades I made, or the record of the football team. It will be the experiences with friends and the lessons God has taught me. Leaving this place will be the hardest thing I will experience in my short 22 years. I hate thinking about that day. Or thinking about the people I will be saying good-bye to. “Maybe I can just ask all of them to come with me to grad school…?” I can’t do that, but I will do my best to keep in touch with them and they will be in my thoughts and prayers.

College is a beautiful thing. You are in a community of thousands of people your age, experiencing the same things as you. I will never experience anything like it again. She may not know it, but my Aunt Angela has been a wonderful encourager to me this semester. I would like to pass along her encouragement.

Senior year will pass so quickly so make sure you are taking advantage of the open doors God has put in place for you… new experiences, new people, new smiles, new chances to bloom and grow, new goals and adventures, new challenges and victories. Fly, little Kaleigh. Enjoy the view!
-Aunt Ang

Not only am I experiencing my senior year flying by, but I am realizing that the four years here have FLOWN by. My encouragement to any underclassmen is to soak up every experience and form close relationships. Take my aunt’s words to heart. Also, seek out your faith. God has completely changed me over the past four years and has impacted my life like I didn’t know was possible. He has brought amazingly wonderful and beautiful people into my life and lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

These people I will truly miss. If after this year I never see them again, I rest in the belief that I will see them again on the other side of this life in a greater place. Heaven.


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