Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling: Part Two

KimJoshFor those of you who read a blog post of mine from a couple of days ago, I put the link to a blog that I visit frequently- Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. One of the writers, Ashleigh, wrote a beautiful post on our calling as women of God. She wrote a second part that is just as lovely. Here is a little piece of Ashleigh’s post…

God’s ways are so much higher and more complete than ours–none of us knows what tomorrow holds. There are no guarantees–at all–outside of our unchanging Savior. Limiting a life to a man-made plan for the single years completely negates God Himself and His wisdom that reaches far above our own.

Never in the Bible do we read of women, single or married, spending idle days waiting for Prince Charming to arrive at their doorstep. Think of Rebekah, Ruth, Deborah, Esther, Anna, Lois, and so many others. Every woman mentioned, single or married, is found working, serving the Lord in industrious pursuits suitable to her season in life.

Check out the rest here: Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling Part Two.

And as Ashleigh says…

Go. Do. Follow Jesus. Be Busy. Embrace your true highest calling.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling: Part Two

  1. All of these “marriage is not my highest calling” posts are exactly what I needed to read right now! It’s so easy to get caught up in this world and what we want from it, and not figure out what God wants for us in it. Thanks Kaleigh!

  2. Agreed, girl! God has amazing plans for each of us. Sometimes I think we often get stuck on the thought of marriage or motherhood being the season of life we have to have in order to serve Him or to truly live. So not the case! I am learning so much right now. God is telling me that I am at a place in my life where I can devote everything to Him and serve Him completely. Right now! As a single woman. He values singleness just as much as He values marriage and motherhood. He is a good God. Though it can be a difficult season of life, singleness is a beautiful place to be.

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