Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling: Part One

I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.

                                                                           -Psalm 130:5

wedding_dress_bridal_wedding_gown_1Here is a great blog post from one of my favorite blogs, Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. This speaks so clearly to me, especially during this season of my life. However, God has been laying this on my heart for a while. It reminded me of a post I wrote back in April titled, When will my life start?! I wrote about how life can feel like you are waiting for the next big thing in life to happen- a career, college, graduate school, marriage, having a child, etc. Singleness, especially, doesn’t have to be a waiting period. For all the single ladies out there, here is a bit of encouragement and reminder of where we should be focused during this season of singleness.

I believe strongly and wholeheartedly in solid, godly marriages. Marriage is an awe-inspiring, truly blissful thing and something to be lauded and heralded as the God-ordained institution it is. We are people created for marriage and, once married, we should strive daily, at every possible opportunity to encourage each other toward even stronger, even holier marriages.

But marriage is not the end goal of life. Knowing personally and loving wholly the precious Savior IS the first and foremost goal of life. While such things as marriage and motherhood are, for many, the outworking of this goal, marriage in and of itself doesn’t make a life complete. It doesn’t signal the beginning of “real life.” It is simply a way God has ordained for some–I’d even venture to say most, but certainly not all–to better glorify Himself. Personal fulfillment, joy and happiness aren’t obtained solely through the finding of a life partner.

Read the rest of the post here: Marriage Is Not My Highest Calling.

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