What 3 things make you feel most ALIVE?

Here are some answers I received when I asked the question, What 3 things make you feel most ALIVE? I got some interesting responses- some funny and some serious. but it is an interesting question to ponder…

For me: laughter, adventure, and conversations with and about God. 


What 3 things make YOU feel most ALIVE?


2 thoughts on “What 3 things make you feel most ALIVE?

  1. Good Question! It hits on something I learned working with Source Ministries this summer. I put up a post about it here: http://acceptednotrejected.com/2009/08/02/come-alive-its-what-the-world-needs/ but basically this is how to sum it up:

    Come Alive! (It’s what the world needs)

    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.
    Ask yourself what makes you come alive.
    And then go and do that.
    Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”
    –Howard Thurman

    But now I feel that I must answer you question Kaleigh.

    1) It is exciting talking about God with friends. Retelling stories from scripture…. with emphasis (not just quoting word for word … but REtelling the stories in my own words)

    2) Sharing my stories with others … in particular sharing stories of God intersecting with my life

    3) Community … we belong in community … a bunch of imperfect people sitting together … encouraging each other!

    Thank you for asking such a good question Kaleigh.
    Blessings and grace to you!

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