WHGBSTYL: I ought to Pray

…they ought always to pray and not lose heart. – Luke 18:1


What has God been saying to me since I have returned to BG for my senior year? Well, this year has already been quite stressful as I have been very busy juggling my school work, my social life, and my RA job. But God has laid many things on my heart recently, one of which is praying- how often I should pray and the power of it. God often lays things on my heart that I have already been taught, but He reminds me again and again the importance of what He is teaching me.

This Bible verse from Luke came to me in a letter I received earlier last month from a wise and Godly woman. She was encouraging me about prayer and gave me the above verse; “…that men [women] always ought to pray…” She went on to tell me that the underlying Greek connotation for the word “ought” presents a vital need as to the degree one needs to breathe in order to live! The alternative is to lose heart. What she had to say was striking! It caught my attention and affirmed what God had been telling me. We “ought” to pray because we need Jesus!

What has God been saying to YOU lately?


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