Her Heart Cries Out

I found this poem on a blog that I view daily, Young Ladies Christian Fellowship. The women who write posts for the blog have inspired me greatly in the past year. Their writing is pure and from God.

I find this poem beautiful. It speaks so clearly to me. Although the poet seems desperate for her love as many women are, we have to remember that God is our first love and His love is enough!! His love is the biggest, the best, and the most faithful. I hope all of the single women who read my blog or YLCF find this post encouraging in that you will wait for the one God has for you. In the mean time AND when you do find THE one, remember God loved you first…


Her Heart Cries Out
By: Harmony Conjurske

I want one, she cried,
I need one today,
I can’t be denied,
Whatever you say.

These men that I see,
They cause so much pain.
There’s not one for me,
I’m almost insane.

They come in and out,
They go here and there
They wander about,
They’re just everywhere.

With sad weary eyes
I watch and I pine-
If one of these guys
Could only be mine.

They’re so big and strong,
They’re just what I need,
So come right along,
I sigh and I plead.

Sometimes for a while
They notice I’m there,
They’ll give me a smile,
Or just a deep stare.

But then all to fast
They move on their way.
These moments don’t last,
They didn’t come to stay.

They broke my poor heart-
These wonderful men-
They shot in their dart
And left me again.

Can they even see,
Do they not yet know,
The deep misery
They cause when they go?

I only want one
That’s all that I ask
Come give me some fun,
It’s not a hard task.

I’m pretty and sweet
I’ve kept myself pure.
I’d feel so complete,
So loved and secure.

They don’t seem to hear
My heart-breaking cry,
They drive in their spear,
And then go on by.

Perhaps it could be
He hasn’t come yet,
The one that’s for me
I might not have met.

I say as I weep,
He’s out there somewhere,
I pray, God, you’d keep
Him in your good care.

You must have a plan,
I will wait and see.
I know that you can
Bring one just for me!

The man that I need
Will find me some day
I cry, as I plead,
Come over my way.

I feel a great ache,
My life is so numb,
I fear it will break,
If you do not come.

Wherever you are,
Whatever you do,
I’ll be your bright star,
I’m waiting for you.

I AM waiting for you…

3 thoughts on “Her Heart Cries Out

  1. Hello! I am Esther Wissell. I just wanted to say this poem was actually written by my friend Harmony Conjurske, to and about me, about 4 or 5 years ago. God sent me the love of my life, and we were married back in 2006:) The right man is SO worth waiting for!

  2. Wow! Thank you Esther! I was really moved by this poem and had to post it on my blog. Harmony did a beautiful job…

    You and the women who write for YLCF are doing wonderful and beautiful things. YLCF has done so much for my life and I just want to encourage you to keep it going!

    God bless and thank you for your encouragement!


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