My Last First Day of School Photo

Every year, since I was in pre-school, my parents have taken a picture of me on my first day of school. In my new “hip” outfit with my cool lunchbox and book bag excited to get onto the school bus!It has been a tradition that I have carried on into college. Now, I don’t carry a lunch box or get on the school bus, but it was something I thought would be a good idea Freshman year to send to my mom. She loves it. At the beginning of every year I take a “first day of school” picture and send it to her. Well, this week marked the last first day of school picture I will be taking until I have children of my own. It’s kind of sad, actually, but exciting at the same time. Senior year is going to be a great year- challenging, busy, exciting, and fun! I am excited to see what is to come with this year!


Freshman year 2006-2007: I lived in McDonald West. It must have been a cold day in August for me to be wearing a sweatshirt and jeans…

CIMG2196 (2)

Sophomore year 2007-2008: I lived in the Alpha Phi house in the room that my mom lived in when she was in college at BG.


Junior year 2008-2009: Last year I lived in an apartment off-campus with two other lovely women. This was the first year I had a room to myself.


Senior year 2009-2010: YAY! This year I am a RA in Kreisher Compton. I am back in the residents hall but I am excited about it! I have a “large” room to myself and 100 neighbors!!

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