We Survived a Class V

I am so excited to tell everyone about my trip with my dad to West Virgina! We drove 4.5 hours from Columbus, OH to Fayetteville, WV to raft the white waters of the Gauley river! It was a blast! The rapids were extra wild (a rarity in the summer) and my dad and I were assigned to a 4-man raft that was lighter and faster than the 8-man. Boy, was it a wild ride! We went through about six class V rapids and a ton of class IVs. On one of the class V rapids- “The Nutcracker”- our boat flipped sending the four of us plus our guide, “Moose”, into the rapids. It was scary at first, but once I figured out which way was up, after I did about 3 somersaults, I was fine. Moose told me that I has a huge smile on my face. I saw him up stream and he told me to swim to the right. An 8-man boat (full of a bachelor party) was there to pull me in. My dad got pulled in shortly after me. It was quite a rush, but I absolutely loved it! The trip was so much fun. I am hoping to go back in October when the Gauley is wild and the leaves on the trees are turning colors. I cannot wait! I totally recommend whitewater rafting to everyone!



2 thoughts on “We Survived a Class V

  1. are you going whitewater rafting? if not… you should! I went a week ago and my dad and I are STILL talking about it like it was yesterday! Sooo much fun!

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