WHGBSTYL Sunday: Trusting Others

“What has God been saying to you lately?”- A question that my Sunday School teacher (from the church I attend while at school), Mr. B asks mostly every Sunday. Since I am home for the summer and unable to see Mr. B, I thought that I would ask myself this question. I will be posting a blog post every Sunday sharing something that God has been saying to me.

I have been learning so much from God recently. I shouldn’t be surprised by this but I continue to be amazed and overwhelmed with what God can and has been teaching me. Trust is something that I have been struggling with recently. I have really been challenged and have shown growth in trusting God. However, trusting others is an area I need to work on. I am already growing here as well, but I know that God still has some work to do in my heart. Our feelings and emotions are delicate things as human beings. They can be hurt, bumped, and bruised easily. My prayer is that God will continue to work in my life, strengthening me and building my trust not only in Him (fully) but in others as well. Also, that I will protect and guard my heart so that I do not get hurt, as I have in the past. God is so good. He is teaching me so much, allowing me to mature in my faith.

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