The Windle Lumberjacks

Today, my grandparents invited us over for lunch and put us to work splitting and stacking wood. In the fall, they had three huge trees cut down for the fear of them falling on the house. Grandpa is getting up in years and was not able to do all of the splitting and stacking on his own. However, he has four strong sons and many young grandchildren to help him with this project.

I know that this activity doesn’t sound super fun or exciting, but guess what?! I had so much fun! This isn’t an activity that my family usually does but I found it fun and rewarding! Watching the pile grow, the smell of the fresh split wood and stepping back to see the completed beautifully stacked wood was very rewarding, leaving us all with a sense of accomplishment. Sixteen of us all pitched in and helped. It was quite the bonding experience. I think it is fair to say that I was the most excited out of everyone. I guess it’s the little things that excite me! Today was fun. I wish I could do projects like that more often!



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