Delighting in the Lord

IMG_0584Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

God continues to amaze me in how gracious and wonderful He is. I have known Psalm 37:4 for a long time, but I still find it incredible and continue to be shaped by it. Loving God and delighting in Him is something that I want to do more of. I love listening to God and learn from His teachings. By delighting in the Lord, I have already seen little desires of my heart be granted to me. I have also found that the by delighting in Him, sometimes the desires of my heart change. Which is great! Great because I know that I am following God’s will and my plans and desires do not always match up with God’s. It is crazy and breaks me down when I think about all of this because I am overcome with emotion knowing how great God is!!

A few weeks ago I was struggling with comparing myself to others. In many areas of my life- my appearance, my grades, my relationship with God, my relationships with others, etc. It was a difficult week for me. I have had insecurities in the past, but this time I was allowing the insecurities really get to me and I felt like I was being judged, as well as characterised by them. Luckily, with God’s help, I was able to come out of that pretty quickly. During that time I realized that God’s word should be the only thing that I use to compare myself to. I desire to be more like Christ. The Bible is full of scripture that challenges me to become more like Him. Delighting in the Lord is how I was able to see this and remove the insecurities in my life.

That was pretty personal, but I wanted to share with everyone where I believe we should be looking to for judgement. It isn’t from other people or the media- Only God’s word.


2 thoughts on “Delighting in the Lord

  1. oh gosh, I love the new header! Comparison has always been a problem with me as well. It’s to easy to be dissatisfied with what I’ve got and wish I were more like someone else. Amen, sister!

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