#51: My Baptism

This past Sunday, May 10th, I was baptised! It was such a wonderful celebration! My family as well as my church family was there to witness and celebrate with me. To those who couldn’t be there, thank you for thinking of me and praying for me.

Mr. B, my Sunday school teacher, baptised me and said some wonderful words that put me and others watching to tears. He asked me what my middle name is… I said “Marie.” He decided to change it to ‘Joy.’ He chose ‘Joy’ because he said that it describes me. He talked about my wide smile and my love for the Lord. I was brought to tears because of what he was saying about me and the emotion of the baptism experience. “I baptise you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”… I was submerged under the water, burring my old self and rose again- symbolic of when Jesus rose from the dead. Having my baptism the weekend after spring semester ended was symbolic in itself. I have had the hardest semester ever… How perfect is it that I was baptised before my summer break started- REFRESHING! I am so on fire for the Lord. I am doing my best to live my life according to His will. 




4 thoughts on “#51: My Baptism

  1. Just seeing the pictures and hearing you tell about it makes ME cry. I am so, so happy for you…

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