Beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful day in BG. The colors of the ground, the sky, the flowers, and the trees are so bright (pictured below- proof)! Great weather definitely brings out a great attitude in people- me included! I had two finals today- one at 8:30 am and another at 3:30 pm. They went well! I had to turn in a project that I have been working really hard on and take an exam. It has been a long day, but I got two of my four finals out of the way! Yay!

Even through the craziness of this week, God has continued to show Himself to me and teach me new lessons. The past 24 hours have been super rough… God has been there through it all. He is letting me in on what things I am to hold on to and what I am to let go of. Tough stuff. The poem I included in my last blog post is sweet and sends the message of letting go and counting your blessings. God is good, so good. As I continue to grow with Him and learn from Him, I am witnessing more and more of how good He really is.



One thought on “Beautiful Day

  1. Stumbled on your blog on the readdomatic… congratulations on your finals! I only had one and i hope i didn’t do too badly.

    I agree with you… God is always showing us things all the time… and the longer we walk with me, the more we see how awesome he is and how worthy of our praise.

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