Music Fast

I am going on a secular music fast! Weird? Eh, maybe. Recently, every song I hear I can somehow relate it to my life (in a sad and negative way) and end up upset on the verge of tears. It is not fun at all. I love music. Especially country- and we all know there are some pretty sad songs sung in country music. So I decided that I would not listen to music except for uplifting, encouraging, Christian worship music for the next week. Some of this kind of music can be cheesy and fluffy, but I have a good non-cheesy, not-so-fluffy collection. This fast with give me time to calm down the emotions going on inside of me. We will see how it goes. Here is one of my favorites! “Revelation” sung by Third Day. 


2 thoughts on “Music Fast

  1. Good for you! May the Lord put a song in your heart and on your mind each morning these next seven days … a song that is glorious. I too love music – but gave up listening to secular music years ago because I wanted the music that was running through me to be honoring to the Lord. I don’t miss it any more, but it is hard at first.

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