When will my life start?!

I feel like this is a question that a lot of young adults my age (I am almost 22) ask themselves all of the time. “When will my life finally start?” We sit around looking at our life, wanting so badly for the next phase to start so that we can be happy and experience REAL life. It looks different for everyone. For me, it is getting married and having a family with the man God has picked for me. It is easy for me to feel like I am not able to truly experience life without being a wife or a mother. I think to myself that if I was married, with a husband and child(ren) to care for I would truly experience life and the utmost joy.

Wow! God has really been working in me these past couple of weeks. God has been showing me that my thinking is false! I do not have to wait for my life to start while I am waiting for my husband to come sweep me off my feet. I can live TODAY! Glorifying God in all that I do, serving Him, experiencing life with Him and with people (believers and non-believers). Waiting for tomorrow is doing nothing for my soul. Experiencing God, serving God, and LIVING today is the ultimate sense of joy, granting me the ultimate tomorrow. Eternity in heaven with the Lord! The one I am becoming to know so well.

4 thoughts on “When will my life start?!

  1. I hear you.
    Sometimes it seems that I am not doing yet what I think are the “… good works as thou hast prepared for us to walk in.”
    Book of Common Prayer, derived from Ephesians 1:10)

    Sometimes I think I must have missed some turn along the way; should I have gone to seminary? should I have done x, y, or z? Am I still waiting? if so, then for what (I’m a generation ahead of you!)

    And I think of Abraham.
    Did his life start when he left Ur? Did it not start until the birth of Isaac, when he was an old man? When did the “important” part of his life start?

    It’s all important, it’s all the main event, because none it is about Abraham, or me. In all things, God glorifies Himself, even if in my screwing up, and getting set back right. Or the preperation for the “main event” is itself the main event for this day, and is the place where the Glory of God is manifest. And that (says the Westminster confession), the revealing of, and enjoyment of the Glory of God; THAT is the main event, and the purpose for my life. That as started for me, and for you. Always.

    -R. Eric Sawyer

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