Reflecting on the weekend

Happy Easter everyone! Yesterday was a wonderful day! My family and I went to church in the morning and then headed off to my Uncle Doug’s house for a Windle Family Potluck. On the way over, I read John 18-20 to my family, reflecting on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was a sweet time. We talked about the importance of what the Easter holiday means and how we should recognize the Crucifixion and Resurrection all year… not only on Easter Sunday.

The Windle gang spent the warm, sunny afternoon on my uncle’s deck eating, laughing and catching up on life. We all got our fist sunny glow of the year. My cheeks, nose, and arms are a little rosy today! It feels good. It is exciting that summer is almost here. I cannot wait. I have only 3 more weeks of classes and then out of BG and back to Columbus. I need a change in surroundings. It is hard being here at school with nothing new and exciting taking place. “3 weeks, Kay, 3 weeks… Oh, don’t forget finals week.” Sigh…….



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