Girly Give & Get


This weekend CRU sponsored a men’s and women’s event. The men played paintball and had steaks and other manly food for lunch. Their tag line was “Shoot a friend. Kill a cow!” Ha, funny! I hope they had a good time. The women went to the Alliance Church and brought with them all of their clothes that they didn’t want anymore. We had a little yard sale… Except it was free! We donated the clothes that were not taken to the Sparrow’s Nest (a woman’s shelter in Toledo). The event was a lot of fun! I took a huge trash bag of shirts and jeans. I had about 12 pairs of jeans to give away. I am so glad to have those out of my closet! I walked away with a beautiful pea coat, a green long sleeve shirt, a black cardigan, and two other shirts! I feel like I made out pretty well. A Give & Get is really easy to put on and is something that I want to do with my friends, maybe this summer or sometime in the future. Any of you could do it as well! Aside from getting some great free things, it is a time to socialize and get to know one another better.

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