I have a visitor!

Annie is staying with me this week! Mom brought her up yesterday (we got pedicures and went shopping!) and left her here with me. It is really fun to have a pet around the apartment. She keeps things interesting, that’s for sure! This morning I got up an hour earlier than normal because Annie had to go to the bathroom and eat breakfast. I actually found that I enjoyed getting up that early. I was able to accomplish a lot. And if it weren’t raining, I would have gone on a run or walk with Annie. While I was blow drying my hair, Annie kept coming over to me with her chew toy and laying it at my feet waiting for me to throw it, at 8 am! She has a lot of energy! At the same time, she loves sitting next to me on my bed while I work at my computer doing homework or watch an episode of Friends. My roommates love her! Annie runs between mine and Danielle’s room until she gets tired and picks a room to lay down in and rest. What a life she has!



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