Give it up!

I have had a lot on my mind recently. More than I can handle, actually. I have been contemplating life and my journey in it. It is quite exciting to think about the things I want to do with it and what I have experienced and accomplished thus far. It is stressful and scary at the same time. And I will say right off the bat, if it wasn’t for God, I would be running around like a mad woman and feel completely lost. So, thank you Lord! My comfort, my rock, my protector, my provider, my everything!

My mind has been spinning about many things. Some of which include my summer plans, graduate  school (the biggie), graduation (one year from now! Oh boy!), money, relationships, my role in the CRU community and in my sorority, and others… A lot for a young, little thing like me to be thinking about. If I have learned anything in the past year it is that I can’t make decisions or even think seriously about ANYTHING with my own mind and thoughts. God has to play a role. I have learned to give it ALL to Him. He has my best interest in mind and already has a beautiful and wonderful plan for my life! That is so exciting to know and believe. If I give everything to God, I know that He is good and everything I go through, the places I go or the decisions I make will serve a purpose in the end and I will be overjoyed.

This summer, I plan to take a couple of classes at OSU or CSCC so that my class load isn’t too much for my last year as an undergraduate. I am going to be a RA which will be a really great experience and will also require a good amount of my time. At the same time I am learning the ropes of the RA position, I will be submitting graduate school applications to about a half dozen (probably more) graduate schools in the country. I am assuming this process will be stressful as well as exciting to look into Speech Pathology programs in some pretty cool places. I would love to go somewhere where its warm and can go hiking in the mountains or go to the beach on the weekends. However, like many of my decisions, the grad school I select will be completely lead by God. The thought of grad school has got me hooked up the most. The way I see it, it’s not my decision to make. It’s His. God knows how He wants to use me to serve Him and He will place me where He wants me. I am also aware that grad school might not even be what He wants for me. I have an open mind and an open heart…

I also know that what I am going through in my dating relationship is going to serve a beautiful and amazing purpose. It may be fuzzy now, but I am in God’s hands, nestled close to Him under His arm. He knows what is going on and has a plan for my life that is better then I could ever dream up!

I would encourage anyone who is struggling making a big decision in their life or going through something difficult, whatever the case may be… give it to God. If you Trust and have Faith in Him your mind will be much more at ease. It is in the hands of the all-kowing, all-powerful God! Your ears, heart and mind will be open to what He has to say and whatever direction He wants to point you in. It is so worth it. You and I are unable to handle this kind of stuff on our own. Coinsider that… I am willing to chat with anyone who wants to talk more about this!

Thank you for reading this. It is something that has been on my heart this past week.

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