I am learning how to sew!

I have a new hobby… well sort of. I am really wanting to learn how to sew and put together clothes from patterns. Over spring break, my mom  and I paid a visit to good-ole Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked out a pattern that I liked and some fabric. We are having to use my grandma’s sewing machine from 1954 because ours was ruined when our basement flooded a couple of weeks ago. In only two days we made a lot of progress on my new project. We got the bodice and the mid section done and sewed together! I was so excited! However, when we discovered we cut the bodice wrong I was not so excited. We are going to have to cut the bodice again but it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I have already picked out the fabric for my second dress and have been bugging my mom to buy me a sewing machine of my own. I am finding that sewing is a lot of fun but requires a lot of patience… good practice for me. Soon I hope to post a picture of the finished product! I can’t wait to wear it when the weather gets warm!


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