Can you spell “Finals Week”?

Is anyone else out there feeling as STRESSED and OVERWHELMED as I am this week?!AH! College is kicking me in the butt right now and is enjoying it! I am so sorry for this little venting session, but I feel like I am the only one. Everyone I have talked to say that they have two or three exams next week, maybe a paper due this week, and get to start their break a day or two early. Well, that is awesome for those people, but I envy them. Not really, but I feel like I am missing out on their excitement. My work load is HUGE this week and next. This week I have already taken two exams (both on the same day, one hour apart) and I have a four page paper due on Friday and six (6) two page papers due Thursday (1) and Friday (5). YEAH! I cannot wait for Friday to be over! But wait, this weekend I get to study for five exams for next week!

Oh boy! Well, break is only nine days away. Wait, nine days?! I have to write all of these papers and study and take all of these exams in the next nine days! That sounds awful.

Sorry for annoying you all. Feel free to read some of my other blog posts. They are nice, thoughtful, and written in a sweet tone. Unless you are reading this and feel the same way I do, I would love to know that you are out there. We can encourage one another. 

Stress is something that I am able to cope well with because I know that God is here with me as I tackle these exams and papers. He can get me through this! I would like to ask for prayer as I journey through these next nine days. I greatly appreciate it! 

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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