You’re All I Want, All I Need…

“Everything” by Lifehouse

This skit I am sure most people have seen before, but if you haven’t take 5 minutes and check it out it. I saw it for the first time last year and then again at my church back home this past spring. I stumbled upon it last night and was moved to tears. The skit is about the pressures that young adults and teens face everyday and their struggle to engage in a relationship with God. It paints a picture showing that God is always there in the midst of all of the struggles, ready to reel you in when you invite Him (back) into your life. I hope that this touches someone the way it touched me. Enjoy!

One thought on “You’re All I Want, All I Need…

  1. Wow Kaleigh, this video was powerful. It really hits home and makes you step back and think about your life and what is going on in it. I miss you. I enjoy reading your blog because I get to stay informed on your life and you inspire me through your blogs! I love you!

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