My Summer…

Summer can be a time of fun, sun, work, play, etc. For me, this summer was all about work! This summer I worked as a nanny for four families in my home town. The pay was really good and the kids were great! There are nine of them between the ages of 3 and 10, all with different personalities. Sam is 10, and he will talk your ear off about cartoons. Sydney (Sam’s sister) is 7, and she is a little diva. Amelia is 7, and she love to show off her art work. Grayson (Amelia’s brother) is 5 and is already getting into trouble. Garrett is 9 and will be and Ambercrombie & Fitch model some day. Bryn (Garrett’s sister) is 5 and loves to giggle and do crafts. She calls them projects. Peyton (Garrett and Bryn’s sister) is 3 and she tells me that I am a “grrreat babysitter” all of the time. Sarah is 5 and she has such good manners. And finaly, Megan (Sarah’s sister) is 3 and she doesn’t go anywhere without her babydoll, purse or blanket.

I learned a lot this summer about responsibility and how to relate better with kids. I miss them all and plan to keep in touch with them by writing them letters… it should be fun, for me and for them!

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